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blood-dragon tree
Acest serviciu nu este disponibil, contactează-ne pentru mai multe informații.

14th - 21st nov. Socotra, Yemen

Flight from/to Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • 2.290 de euro
  • Socotra, Yemen

Descrierea serviciului

Why would you want to go to Socotra, Yemen? First of all, find out that the island is very safe and the scenery captivates you from the moment you step off the plane. Actually, since you're still on the plane. Beyond these, you want to get to Socotra because: - you like to explore; - it is among the last places untouched by mass tourism; - you will relax on virgin beaches; - you will see the blood-dragon tree; - you will touch the incense trees; - you will meet the cave man; - you will bathe in turquoise waters; - you will enjoy natural pools; - you will watch dolphin pods; - you'll relax on beaches with finer sand than the finest sand you've ever stepped on, and more!

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